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equal angle 'Equal Angles' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

unequal angle 'Unequal Angles' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

stair angle 'Stair Edge Grips' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

round bar 'Round Bars' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

square bar 'Square Bars' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

channel 'Channels' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

double channel 'Double Channels' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

unequal channel 'Unequal Channels' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

flat bar 'Flat Bars' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

rain channel ''J' Sections' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

fine mesh 'Fine Mesh' (2mm x 1mm) (metres & mm's)

medium mesh 'Medium' Mesh (5mm x 2mm) (metres & mm's)

panel edge cappings 'Panel Edge Cappings' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

panel corners 'Panel Corners' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

panel joints 'Panel Joints' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

sheet 'Flat Sheets' (metres & mm's)

stair nosing 'Stair Nosings' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

t bar 'T Bars' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

top hat 'Top Hats' (feet & inch's)

rectangular tube 'Rectangular Box' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

round tube 'Round Tubes' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

square tube 'Square Tubes' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

z bar 'Z Bars' (metres & mm's) | (feet & inch's)

Welcome to UK Aluminium Sales:

Established in 2003 we are suppliers of aluminium channel, angle, tube extrusions, sections, profiles and sheet products.

We supply rolled and extruded materials in the following alloys 1050, 3103, 5754, 6063, 6082. The alloy types are shown next to each product on the website and all the materials that we supply conform to both British and European standards.

The panel edge products we supply have an anodised AA5 satin finish which improves durability and offers better corrosion resistance than the standard mill finish.

As with all types of extruded aluminium products the size of the aluminium extrusions can vary very slightly. This is normal and is due to the extrusion process, this is not a problem for general engineering uses and generally only effects applications that require tight tolerances.

We are able to offer hundreds of products in a large variety of lengths, sizes and alloy types with delivery to Mainland England, Wales and the Scottish Lowlands only.

We accept all major credit cards for purchases through our secure online shopping cart. Card payments are processed through a secure PCI compliant payment gateway.

We also supply a range of sheet plastics from our website UK Plastics.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards